Will my laptop work after getting wet? [Protect Your Laptop]

A laptop having water on it. (will my laptop work after getting wet?)

Will my laptop work after getting wet?

People naturally love their gadgets and probably obsess over them more than usual. Unfortunately, once we take a device outside of the safety of our homes, we expose it to all sorts of dangers – including water! And unless you want your laptop screen blurred and have to deal with any number of issues related to corrosion and shorting out, it is best to avoid getting your laptop wet.

How do you fix a laptop that got wet and won’t turn on?

If you accidentally got your laptop wet, here are some tips on how to make it work again!

1) It is advisable to remove the battery and any peripherals (external hard drives, USB sticks, etc.).

2) Take apart the laptop as much as possible – disassemble all parts that can be disassembled.

3) Take the HDD and RAM out of their separate covers.

4) Let all parts dry in a room with good ventilation for a week. A hairdryer or an oven should not be used to speed up the process. If possible, put all parts on top of some paper towels to avoid getting dirty.

5) Reassemble the laptop and start it up without putting in any of the peripherals. This will tell you if your laptop still works or got damaged while wet. If everything works again, then congratulations! You may continue using your laptop like you always did before falling into that puddle (or swimming pool, as the case may be!).

6) If your laptop does not switch on, you will need to check if it is still under warranty and send it in for repairs. If its warranty has run out, then we recommend buying a new one!

Laptops are often taken to the beach by many people. If you do, we recommend using a waterproof backpack and keeping your laptop in an airtight container filled with uncooked rice. The rice will absorb any water already present inside your device and keep it from shorting out. Once exposed to the open air, let it dry for at least a day.

Will water destroy a motherboard?

If water spills on the motherboard while the computer is powered on, the motherboard is at risk of being destroyed. The extent to which it will be damaged depends on several factors, such as how much water is spilled onto it and whether or not the computer was unplugged. If a laptop gets wet and won’t turn on after drying out for a week, the chances are that its motherboard has been affected by the liquid. If the motherboard is destroyed, it will need to be replaced before your computer can work again. Unfortunately, this means purchasing a brand new laptop because computer repair shops or other technicians cannot undo the liquid damage.

Can water kill my laptop?

As long as you do not spill liquid on your laptop while it is turned on, there is no risk of it being destroyed – but the liquid will definitely make your laptop harder to use. The biggest problem with spilling liquid on a computer is that it can short out certain components, rendering them broken and useless. However, laptops are usually made to be pretty resistant to water damage, so even if your computer gets wet, you probably won’t have to spend the money to get everything pulled apart and dried out.

Thank you for reading! With this article, I hope you will stay safe with your laptop in the future.

Muhammad Rafay
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