How to Restart Dell Laptop

If you want to know how to restart Dell laptop, then there are a few methods by which you can do that.

Method#1-By Using Your Mouse/Trackpad (Windows 10)

Using your mouse to restart the Dell laptop is perhaps the easiest method. First, you have to move the cursor over the “START” button on the bottom left side of your screen and click it. Once you click the start button, click the “POWER” button located on top of the start button, after which you will get a few options to choose from. From the options, select “RESTART,” and your computer will restart.

Method#2-By Using Your Keyboard

If for some reason, you do not have access to your trackpad/mouse and want to restart your laptop using only the keyboard, then we have a few easy methods which you can use to restart your computer.


A straightforward method of restarting your laptop/computer is by simultaneously pressing the “ALT,” “CTRL,” & “DEL” buttons. Pressing this combination of buttons will bring a popup from which you can choose the popup option, and your laptop/computer will restart

How to Restart Dell Laptop

2) ALT+F4

Pressing “ALT” & “F4” together generally closes a window that is open on your laptop/computer. But, by pressing these two buttons on the home screen of your laptop, a popup will appear having a dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu, simply select “RESTART” by using the down arrow key and pressing enter. Your laptop/computer will restart.

Method#3-By Using the Laptop/Computer Power Button

If still, you haven’t been able to restart your Dell laptop, then a quick and easy way is to press the power button of your laptop/computer for a few seconds until your laptop/computer shuts down. After your device completely shuts down, wait for 4-5 seconds and again press the power button to turn on your laptop/computer. This method can be used when neither your mouse/trackpad nor your keyboard is working.

These are the methods which you can use to restart your computer. We have tried to arrange the ways which are the simplest and easiest to follow.

If you are confused between the terms “Restart” and “Reset,” there is no need to worry. Instead, please read the paragraph below, hopefully clarifying your confusion about the two words restart and reset.

Difference Between Restart and Reset

Often people fail to understand the difference between restarting the laptop and resetting it. Restarting the computer means that all the temporary files/windows that the user has opened will shut down, and the user’s data present in the laptop’s HDD(Hard disk drive) or SSD(solid-state drive) will be the way it was before. However, when someone resets the computer/laptop, it means all the files and data of the laptop/computer, even the one saved in the permanent storage devices (HDD & SSD), will be removed/deleted, and your laptop/computer will become as it was when you bought it.


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