How to Remove Stickers from Laptop?

Laptops, when bought, come with a ton of stickers showing the brand name of the laptop, its specifications and some other information. Without a doubt, these stickers reduce the laptop’s attractive look, and hence many people want to get rid of them.

How to Remove Stickers from Laptop

Removing the laptop stickers is relatively easy. However, people often become frustrated when they want to remove the sticky residue which the sticker leaves behind on the laptop.

The following are five methods you can try out on how to remove stickers from laptop as well as how to get rid of that sticky residue.

Method#01-By Using a Hair Dryer

Yes, you can use your hairdryer or a heat gun to get rid of the stickers on your laptop.

1) Heat the stickers on your laptop, which you want to remove, for 60-80 seconds; make sure you don’t heat it too much so that the laptop stays protected and unharmed.

2) Once you are done heating the stickers, pick a corner and start peeling the sticker( make sure that you apply heat while peeling the stickers). Peel the sticker carefully so that no sticky residue is left behind.

Please always make sure to keep some gap of about 3-5 inches between the hairdryer/heat gun and the laptop.

Method#02-By Using a Sharp Blade or Your Nail

You can use your nail or any sharp blade lying around your house to remove the laptop stickers, but we don’t recommend this method. First, using a sharp blade can be dangerous for your laptop. You can get frustrated by scraping the stickers and end up scratching your laptop, which is the last thing you would want. Secondly, if you use your nail or any blade, it will remove the sticker from your laptop after some effort. However, the sticky residue will still be left on the laptop, which, if you want to remove, you will have to resort to other methods such as using lubricants like WD-40.

Method#03-By Using WD-40

WD-40 is a lubricant that you can use to remove the sticky residue on your laptop once the sticker is removed.

1) Spray the WD-40 lubricant over the sticky residue on your laptop and let it sit there for 8-10 minutes.

2) After that, take any card lying around your house that you do not use and scrape the residue off the laptop, applying firm pressure.

3) Once all the nasty residue has been removed, take a piece of cloth and clean the area where the lubricant was sprayed and where the residue was removed.

Method#04-By Using Baking Soda

You’ve managed to get rid of the laptop sticker but are left with the sticky residue on the laptop. Baking soda can surprisingly be very useful at this stage.

1) Put some baking soda in a bowl and arrange a piece of cloth.

2) Dampen the piece of cloth, dip it inside the baking soda you placed in the bowl and start wiping the fabric on top of the sticky residue. You will begin to observe that the nasty residue will slowly be removed.

Method#05-By Using Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

To get rid of the sticky residue left behind by the stickers rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover is another good option.

1) Take a piece of fabric and dip a portion of it inside the rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

2) Apply the portion of the fabric soaked in the alcohol over the residue and wipe it firmly.

3) Gradually, the residue will be removed.


Go ahead and try the methods explained above and check which one works for you. While performing any procedure, please always make sure that you are careful so that both you and your laptop/device stay protected. We really hope that this article helped in solving your problem.

Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay is the co-founder of Tech Chatter, a website that publishes buying guides related to laptops and technology. He's passionate about helping people make informed decisions about the products they buy.