How long do Lenovo laptops last? [Detailed Guide]

If you are concerned about the life of your laptop and curious to know how long do Lenovo laptops last, please know that the laptop’s life span primarily depends upon use. Laptops that are used heavily may have a shorter life span than laptops that are not used as much. However, usage is not the only deciding factor. The brand that manufactures the laptop also has a key role in deciding the longevity of the device. Laptop computers coming from not very common brands usually have shorter lives if we put them against recognized brands.

Another deciding factor is the laptop’s build quality. Laptops in which robust materials are used will surely last for quite a while.

Life Span of Lenovo Laptops

If you are curious about how long do Lenovo laptops last, then know that Lenovo is one of the recognized laptop manufacturing brands. Your preferences may vary when buying a laptop; some will want a budget machine, whereas others may look to go towards the expensive side. In all cases, Lenovo has you covered delivering the superb budget, mid-range, and heavy on-the-pocket machines.

Picture of a Lenovo laptop in the article how long do Lenovo laptops last.

Lenovo laptops generally last for about 5-7 years but as said before; various factors will play a part in the increment or decrement of the general life span. Over time, the small parts of the laptop are usually affected first. For example, the laptop’s plastic may start to break, the keyboard stops working, or the keys become difficult to press. Similarly, the battery of your laptop also gets negatively affected with more and more use.

According to one of the users of the Lenovo Ideapad, they have been using it for almost 7 years, and it still works perfectly without any issue. Their use is also not light. They have been using it roughly doing coding and all sorts of stuff. Their laptop may function smoothly for the next 2-3 years as well, according to them. That is exceptionally good if you ask me.

How to increase your laptop’s life span?

Following are a few tips that may help increase the life of your computing device.

1) Be gentle with your laptop:

Laptops need to be treated with love. If you are too careless tossing your device everywhere, you may end up breaking or damaging your laptop’s screen, which is the last thing you want. So, whenever you lift the laptop’s screen, always make sure to use gentle hands.

2) Clean it regularly:

If you are a person who is not afraid to open the back of the laptop and have the right tools, we will advise you to clean the machine’s internal fans and heat sinks after every few weeks. However, if you are not confident doing it, take your laptop to a professional to clean it.

3) Use Antivirus software:

Malware is one of the main reasons which slows down your machine. To remove all sorts of malware and viruses from your laptop, install any recognized antivirus software and regularly run the virus scans to keep your machine safe.

4) Choose SSD over HDD:

For those of you who don’t know, Solid-state drives play a massive role in increasing your laptop’s speed and smoothening all the processes from boot up to program execution. Therefore, always choose to buy laptops that have SSD’s in them rather than traditional HDDs or simply upgrade your laptop by removing the HDD and installing an SSD.

5) Get rid of unwanted files:

Make sure to reduce the burden upon your storage device by removing all sorts of unwanted files/programs sitting in your computer without a purpose.

Regularly perform all these tasks to make sure your laptop swims through the daily life tasks.


At the end, always make sure to take care of your device and opt for big and recognized brands like Lenovo, and you’ll be pretty satisfied with your purchase.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and going through this blog, have a fantastic day!

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