Do Laptops Come with Microsoft Office?

Do Laptops Come with Microsoft Office?

Do laptops come with Microsoft Office?

Many people want to know if their laptop comes with Microsoft Office because sometimes it can be expensive. First of all, not all companies include the office suite on their laptop, even if it is a business laptop. It depends on the company and how much money they are willing to spend on upgrading your laptop.

Now that Microsoft Office is a subscription service, it costs much less to purchase each year. Maybe that’s why companies are changing their minds about including an office suite on all of their laptops. The latest version of the software is available for download. If you receive a laptop without Office pre-installed, you can easily download the latest version online! You don’t have to purchase the program if you already have a subscription.

Microsoft Office has a great compatibility checker that can tell you if a program will work on your system before purchasing! You can also download Microsoft Office on your laptop by purchasing a CD or USB drive.

Microsoft Office is compatible with many different kinds of laptops and computers. You just have to make sure that it will work on the device you’re trying to put it on and download it from there! You don’t have to worry about compatibility too much as all the latest computers are fully capable of running almost all Microsoft software.

Microsoft generally offers three main packages for your business. Basic, Standard, and Premium. They also offer a free one-month trial. You can go ahead and check the recent price of their packages by clicking here.

Avoid Buying Pirated Copies of the Software

You’ll see many copies of Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel on the internet. Avoid downloading the copies as downloading them is illegal, and it is highly unethical to do. Furthermore, if you download the copies, there’s always a chance that you might get viruses or Trojans with them.

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