Are MacBooks Good for Video Editing?

Are MacBook’s good for video editing? The answer is yes. But let’s dive into the reasons why. MacBook’s are great for video editing because they can easily automate tasks and perform them quickly. MacBook’s do not get overheated easily either, which means that you can use them for extended periods without your MacBook overheating. These are just some of the many reasons video editors prefer using MacBook’s instead of Windows laptops.

Why Are MacBooks Good for Video Editing?

Here we will explain eight reasons how video editing is terrific on MacBook’s.


A MacBook can automate tasks, making it a convenient tool for video editing. You do not have to check constantly if the codecs are compatible with your system, and you don’t have to constantly update them when they are not compatible. The automation process in a MacBook automatically checks if the codecs that you will use for encoding are compatible with your computer. Then it updates them when necessary or installs new ones when needed, which saves a lot of time that you will be able to use on other important parts of your project instead of constantly checking on a few things.

No Overheating

You no longer have to worry about overheating while using your MacBook for video editing purposes. Some Windows laptops tend to overheat quickly, and it can be a big downside for those who intend to use their laptops as video editing tools. MacBook’s do not have this problem, so you can always use your MacBook without being afraid it will overheat after a few hours of continuous work. This makes the laptop perfect for professionals who need to make quick edits or even render videos overnight. The coolness of the MacBook will also save time, as you won’t need to wait for the machine to cool down before working again.

External Devices

Since MacBook’s easily connect with external devices like monitors, printers, speakers, hard drives, and more, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues or pairing problems when you intend to use your MacBook for video editing purposes. You can just connect the external devices and edit your videos with a MacBook without having to worry about compatibility. There’s no need for you to constantly update or install new codecs as well since almost all external devices have their own codecs that will automatically appear whenever you connect them to your laptop.

Image Quality

When editing videos on a MacBook, there is no need for you to compromise on image quality because it can be easily achieved from within the device itself, unlike Windows laptops which tend to lower the quality of images for users to fit more files into their storage space. With a MacBook, the image qualities remain the same even if you encode dozens of videos at the same time. It also opens most files quickly, so you can be at least certain that you can do some editing on your projects even if Windows laptops are slow in opening updated or new videos which have better quality standards for viewing pleasure.

Lighter & Thinner

MacBook’s are light and thin, so you can easily pull them out of your bag for travelling purposes or transport them to other places like a friend’s house or office. You don’t have to go through some difficulties when using your laptop for video editing on the go because you can easily remove it from your backpack while waiting in line just before boarding the plane, then quickly start editing videos without having to bother with the unnecessary weight that some Windows laptops have. Because of their lightweight feature, MacBooks are easier to bring around compared with some Windows laptops, allowing you to edit even in airports without being too bothered about how strained your shoulders and neck feel after putting your backpack down.


MacBooks are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about protecting them from external damages like falling off tables or desks, getting scratches on the screen, and so on. You can use MacBooks for years without having to bother with such problems because they keep working even when dropped a few times while carrying them around in different places. This is another reason why most video editors prefer using MacBooks over Windows laptops, especially if you work in a very busy and hectic environment where you may drop your laptop every now and then due to human error and clumsiness.


MacBook’s may be expensive, but you always expect a good return on investment. With only around $1,000, you can already have a good MacBook for video editing purposes, even if it’s an entry-level one. Most Windows laptops are more expensive than MacBook’s, so most people who edit videos on the go prefer using these more affordable Apple laptops to save some money and ensure that they can still buy other essential things with the remaining budget.

Screen-size & Graphics Quality

MacBook’s have the best graphics quality among other laptops for video editing purposes because of their top quality display with 5K resolution, allowing you to see every detail clearly without having to squint your eyes or bother with any distractions that can reduce your focus on editing. You don’t have to worry about the complications of small 4K screens like those found on some Windows laptops.

MacBook’s also allow multi-tasking so you can edit videos while listening to an informative podcast simultaneously, which some Windows laptops usually fail to do. The experience of editing videos is very exceptional on MacBook’s, whether it’s an entry-level one or a pro version. There’s no reason you shouldn’t invest some money in these excellent laptops for video editing with these essential features.


MacBook’s are an excellent choice for video editing with their powerful hardware and software. Unlike other laptops, MacBook’s have no compatibility issues with most media formats because the factory-installed OS is macOS. They also offer a fantastic battery life that can last up to 10-20 hours (as claimed by Apple) of constant use on one charge! So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your video editing set-up, we recommend starting by purchasing a high-quality laptop like a MacBook Pro or Air from Apple so you can get right down to business without any distractions.

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